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In the Dream

by Magentic

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    Magentic are a band that lends its influences from a wide variety of genres ranging from progressive rock and classical music to grunge. Our debut album "In the Dream" is a concept album that tells a story about love and alternate realities while reflecting a world where wealth is synonymous with our worth. A world where breeding a society of consumers is becoming more highly valued than abolishing suffering and helping people find happyness.

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Some Day 05:04
Some day our eyes will meet Like flawless mirrors perfectly aligned Sending our gaze back and forth I'll see myself through you You'll see yourself through me Learning all in our subconcious minds Spending our concious lives Realizing what we already know All I have to do Is believe Believe Believe Believe
Good morning, son It's morning, son Today not tonight You know that I'm right So why do you Why do you Shun sun morning light? Hello, stand up Hello, sit down A pop quiz today Your books put away and tell me did you study this time, hey? All those lean, mean, slaves to the green With their planned, packed, daily routines Tomorrow they'll have their meetings and they won't be late
Human 01:34
Some say I'm weird Not sane I care Not! Though I am human, I Do not get human, I'm Searching for something beyond Chuck wood I should I could I would Not! Don't know what I'm doin' My program is ruined Searching for something beyond Though he is human, he Does not get human, he's Searching for something beyond Knowing not what doing Ruining programming Searching for something beyond
Mayday, student in distress I don't think I'm ready for the motherfuckin' test Tried to stay awake Took another break Rest my eyes a bit It's a quarter to eight! On my way to school, study and Sitting in the class, study Don't listen! But the teacher saw the book Closed the book Took the book And said Pay attention! Good morning, son It's morning, son Again running late You know they won't wait So why do you Why do you Lay and masturbate!? Hello! ...stand up. Hello? ...sit down! The finals today Good luck, by the way I hope that you Hope that you Studied this time, hey All those lean, mean, slave to the green Walking dead, bread's the cause, not the means Tomorrow they'll have their paychecks Mindless sleep, forget dreams
Hardly breathing, feeling Mostly alive, I'm only Slightly dead Slightly dead Somewhere, someone told me I'm still alive but they were Slightly wrong Slightly wrong And if the sky is falling you'll find me in the toilet And if hell freezes over I must be getting laid Don't ask me when I'll come home Don't try to reach me by phone I'm gonna get real stoned Love you, hurt you, leave you Pray you forgive and learn to Play the game Play the game Sorry, angry, sorry Drive me bananas, have I Gone insane Gone insane And if you say it's over we're getting back together And if you let me kiss you then I'm a dying man If you invite me inside and let me in for a ride then leave me hanging outside to slap the monkey to sleep Mirror, mirror, mirror Mirror on the wall, I'm gonna Lose my hair I don't care Craving, needing something Sweet in my mouth, I'm gonna eat ice cream And I resolve refusal till someone asks me again They make it hard to say no, and I make it hard to say yes I want to keep my hat on They want them naked and long Before I knew it she's gone I slap the monkey to sleep
Casual beauty Passing me by Running me over Catching my eye Dressed up like some rebel Can't imagine a cause to believe in Casual beauties are always forgiven As long as they honestly try Casual beauty You have no name You don't hear music Playing your game You cannot stain me, I know All I need know about you Casual beauties Are lonely and bored Whenever they've no one to do Lonesome and fragile I can't explain This lack of attention Can drive me insane But you're dime a dozen And dozens are dying to be near me Those casual people with casual gestures And a casual stare at my breasts You can't win me neither And you can't escape I hear your music Screaming my name The music is screaming my name Casual beauty Heading my way Walking straight through me Your image fades My favourite figment Not one step further for you Casual beauties leave casual memories The moment their beauty's subdued Casual beauty Passing me by Running me over Catching my eye My favourite figment Not one step further for You
Frozen here warm, with you Empty here, full with you Sadness here, joy with you Lonely here, love with you I am here, not with you Not with you Not with you Don't care about, don't care about, don't care about... people, I Don't care about, don't care about, don't care about... people who Don't care about, don't care about, don't care about... me yet I Do care about, do care about, do care about... you Raging hormones and surging endorphines have kept me away from the truth Curly brown hair still fires my engines but I will contain the fires of youth Don't need drugs, don't need pills I don't need this pain killed Fall in love, fall by love By my hand I fell in love I'm not, I'm not, I'm not I'm not leaving, I'm not leaving I'm not leaving till I say I'm not leaving till I say... I love you Every time we happen to meet In school, at the pool or on the street It's such a treat That treat so sweet It makes me feel It makes me think And then when we have to depart This heavy feeling floods my heart Hits like a dart Tears me apart It makes me feel It makes me think Am I in love with you? Am I in love with you? Nothing's gonna happen She don't give a damn She is always busy When it comes to me Tried to find another Fall for someone new But could not forget her How I wish she knew Not one straight thought had crossed my mind From the day we met none could I find Am I behind? Perhaps I'm blind? It makes me feel It makes me feel It makes me feel It makes me think Am I in love with you? Are you in love with me? Oh, can you feel it too? Is this love meant to be? Is our love meant to be?
How Nice... 05:54
No really, thats O.K. I've been watching you all day And there's no need to look back now. I take the easy way again: Just gonna sit tight in my chair And watch your perfect face expand As you take another careless breath Off your cigarette. How nice is that. How nice is that. I play a song that you already heard, Yet I see in your eyes that you don't understand, Every sentence and phrase was referring to you, But you don't give a damn, I just sound like a fool, Trying to reach out with words to your solid rock heart Tell me, how nice was that, when you drilled in through mine?
Up and Down 05:20
How are you? Who are you? Look at what you did to you Something's wrong You sound gone What the fuck is going on? Up and down Up and down Most go up but you go down You need help You need help Please calm down, I want to Help you You loosen up You breathe in slowly out Calm down It's time to rest Inside you're a mess Leave me be So I just leave you be? Is that what you ask of me? Don't know why and Time goes by We could talk, please tell me Why? Fall behind I don't mind But I think I've lost my mind Where is he? Who am he? Cares for you, is he still me?
Everybody knows a nutritious breakfast Is what you need to start the day So if you don't eat my coffee and drink Milk with cornflakes The sun don't really shine on you We can make you want these things We'll make you believe that This is all you really need Everybody knows all the sexy bimbos Are shopping for new clothes at the mall You see, their clothes are obsolete 'Cause they bought them last week and A bimbo's always what she wears We can make you sexy and young You're so sexy Be someone new each day 'cause You're really not much fun They will cash in I will feed It's the American Dream And if you aren't dreaming it right now You will be dreaming it soon Everybody knows that the best new music Is what you see on M.T.V. So if the girls don't have big boobs And the singer's ugly too, well There really isn't much to hear You will be famous, we will be rich We shall control your life You will have the life The life you wish We will cash in You will feed It's the American Dream And if you aren't dreaming it right now You will be dreaming it soon
For love press here For love press here For love press Here and it's so clear that you're worth nothing on your own And all those casual beauties are committed to destroy Every hope that you might hope to be a member of their fleet I say: who needs those stupid bitches? Who needs this bottled shit? Why don't you grasp on what You're able to Control and Be astounded? Why don't I just take What I deserve? Why not pretend That we're in love? Just log on and she'll be yours to Overcome your every fear and When reality fails to please I will love you always Just press here.
Details 05:52
When consuming becomes consuming A man becomes a canned sir Within a canned soul Tied down to a bar code In a shopping cart Alone, but accessorized Joining us today on a one time only offer! A bunny on the table And she has a friend Giggling and chuckling And their ears are bent A one eared hedgehog And a straw made of duck Two majestic dolphins With a ribbon where they fuck In a frantic mini market On another shopping spree Today I bought True Love™ Got another one for free Through fractions of the air Inside my empty cart I stare into the void And then open up my heart
My Precious 06:21
In his bed he's trying Every night not to dream About her lying Near him yet denying That the hole in his life Is growing day by day Could I be the one to melt The cold heart she broke to pieces? Now my love is jaded As the passage of time Has all but faded Once again sedated As the reason to live Is slipping from my grasp Could you be my fountain of youth The wine in the cup that's poisoned? You release You're drunken with lust and desire Your lips are on fire And your body Unleash The sexual tension is burning Entwined in yearning You are my precious Now the pain has ended I am here be at piece Your wounds are tended Still my love's infected By a stain that has dried A scar that would not heal You release You're drunken with lust and desire Your lips are on fire And your body Unleash The sexual tension is burning Entwined in yearning You are my precious You are my precious Love me tonight Never leave
Being with you Knowing love Has nothing to do With these things in the moments you are Being with me Knowing love Has nothing to do With these things in the moments I am Being with you Another cheap thrill Some sexual satisfaction For you to enjoy I will leave the guilt And various dirty feelings For you to bear alone And immerse myself In the comforting emptiness Being with you Forgetting love Had something to do With these things in the moments She was being with me
Oh Waiter 03:52
Oh Waiter, Oh Waiter I order, you cater Mine is the job To make everything right A potion A potion? To set love in motion I see in your menu A special tonight My love here is thirsty His heart needs a drink He isn't attracted To you, but I think A potion of loving Would help him be needing? Your loving hand feeding him Just as before Darling, please, don't fret You might come back to me yet There is hope yet still I'll be waiting for you till Your doubts are subdued And your love renewed Now I hesitate Give me time, just wait
In the Dream 04:43
Please, hold me close Don't keep your arms away Stay in bed a while Place your head Upon my chest Don't be afraid To fall asleep And leave the world outside For the world within us now Forever Ever after We'll linger in the dream In the dream In the dream Now, I'm inside And I feel your warmth Smell your scent So sweet I caress Your skin So soft Don't you go shy When we both know That we were meant to be In each other's arms tonight Forever Ever after We'll linger in the dream In the dream In the dream
Bartender 01:09
Bartender, Bartender I offer surrender Allow me to bath you in Alcohol haze Don't want *hic*, Don't want *hic* Don't want to remember? Oh saviour, provider of lichor Be praised! My belly is empty Please fill it with beer Genuine feelings are not welcome here! Don't want *hic*, Don't want *hic* Don't want to be sober! You (I) want to be over with Sorrows and fear
Homecoming 06:12
Sleeping off some wine Wake up feeling fine On I slept off sleep To finish off sleeping The wine The wine Thus I dreamt a dream This it did not seem In this dream I dreamt The dreaming was merely A dream A dream You'll suffer my embrace I'll gently stroke your face Then yearn once more to taste That feeling when I was In love In love Tonight I was thinking how swiftly I've become so wretched Since that fatal day we met Being with you to forget This longing burden buried breathing burning still Tonight I remembered when first she laid her gaze It blazed and made its home inside my heart How could it be that she's you? Now I have come home Home Home
Dear 03:21
I don't believe you I know you I know your kind One of the leaves In autumn always passing by You will deceive me You'll fool me You'll tell me lies One of the jokes Believing every word you say I want to trick you To show you The pain I feel One of the urges I sometimes wish I never had Don't look so lovely You're ugly Don't be so cute One of the cats Observing us with hungry eyes Don't be my friend if you don't want my love Don't let me wait if you don't want my hate Don't be a coward Don't be unkind Don't be one of the absent of mind You said you love me You need me You need my love My love I give My love you take and throw away You will discard me I'm nothing I'm useless now Pushed off the edge The moment that you have your way I want to love you To kiss you To hold you tight You take my hand Yet keep your distance somehow, why? I thought I knew you Your gestures Your deep black eyes Those little things Those tiny things that drive me mad Don't be my friend if you don't want my love Don't let me wait if you don't want my hate Don't be a coward Don't be unkind Don't be one of the absent of mind You forgot To give me back my heart Since you've left I can't lose this feeling Dear... You are not my Dear... and I'm not (I am) yours
What's Real? 03:15
Dirty clothes and pizza cardboards scattered round my room. Microchips of ones and zeros are all that's left of you. Feelings burning towards my keyboard Fingers can't express. What's real? What's real? The door is locked, the window's shut from any sunlight spot. The sunny garden where we kissed was made of tiny dots. My memory is somehow written Not inside my head. What's real? What's real? You must exist, I order you to! Can't accept you're fake Your smiling image on my screen is more than I can take 'Delete' button's ready Any last words you might speak? What's real? What's real? What's real? What's real? Don't log off Don't leave me to die Dear, I love you, Some day, we'll be real.
Some day our hands will join And holding hands our fears subside Our warmth flowing back and forth From my hands to yours From your hands to mine To fill the places where fears like to hide In sharing our warmth Is the flame within Against a darkness without All we have to do Is hold on Hold on Some day we will fall in love


Magentic's debut double concept album "In the Dream".
(Please take heed that in the hard copy version of the album, the second CD would have started at track 12)


released August 28, 2010

Lyrics by Boaz Peleg and Erez Aminpour

Music by Boaz Peleg, Erez Aminpour, Uri Katvan, Dorin Mandelbaum, Elisha Rejovitzky, Ze'ev Zilberman, Eli Chen-Tov, Sergei Mednikov and Eran Teicher.

Orchestral arrangements by Boaz Peleg and assisted by Dorin Mandelbaum and Erez Aminpour.

Performed and recorded by:
Dorin Mandelbaum / vocals, flutes, piano
Boaz Peleg / vocals, guitars, keyboards
Uri Katvan / guitars
Erez Aminpour / bass, vocals
Tal Shaked / drums

Additional musicians:
Shai Yalin / keyboards
Eli Chen-Tov / violins
Ze'ev Zilberman / violins
Maya Felixbrodt / viola
Michal Alush / cello
Elad Keinar / double bass
Arnon De Buton / trombone, trumpet
Eli Preminger / trumpet
Tal Kesari / French horn

Mixed and recorded by Boaz Peleg
@ArchiPeleg mobile recording studio, Israel

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
@Maor Appelbaum mastering, California - U.S.A

(For specific credits per track, go to track page)


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